How to prevent VS 2013 from crashing?

I would like to share with you how to resolve the problem which crashes Visual Studio every time when you try to create new project or open solution/project.

At first I thought that something went wrong with my PC when I installed Xamarin but that was not the problem. Then I searched in Google and found out that there was problem with Web Essentials plugin which I’d installed to my VS 2013 Ultimate (I guess it may happen to any other VS 2013 version).

How to solve the problem?

Uninstall Web Essentials from Visual Studio and then install the new release –

How to uninstall Visual Studio extension?

Tools -> Extensions and Updates -> {Extension name} – Choose Uninstall

If you visit the following post posted by Mads Kristensen. There is clear message which says:

You need to update Web Essentials 2013 to version 2.2. If not, Visual Studio will crash.

I hope that this information will help you.