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Introduction to AppHarbor

I found this great .NET service called AppHarbor. This article is introduction to AppHarbor and how to use it with GitHub. I was impressed how easy is to deploy your application directly from source control (there are three options: GitHub, Bitbucket and CodePlex). I read several articles about AppHarbor and I see it quite good for .NET development.

There are 3 plans that you can choose when you create your account at AppHarbor. For the demonstration purpose I choose the free one. The free plan provides the option to choose application name which is used as subdomain  {yourappname} AppHarbor provides add-ons that you can use at your application like MySQL, MongoDB, MSSQL, etc. There are different plans for each one so you can choose what you need at your application.

Creating a new application at AppHarbor is so easy, just pickup your application name and choose region (currently US and Europe are possible options).

AppHarbor create an app

For the demonstration purpose I created GitHub repository which I integrated with AppHarbor.

VS ASP.NET WebForms After creating the new application you can choose the integration options. I committed ASP.NET WebForms application to GitHub repository which I created earlier.

GitHub repositoryAfter integrating AppHarbor and GitHub you can follow build status according to commits that you have done at your repository.

BuildAs you can see in the screenshot the first commit couldn’t pass the full build process that was because of missing file which I removed from the repository but I didn’t build it and VS missed to remove the file from .csproj file. That’s why I did another commit with that change. 2nd commit is ready for deployment the only thing that I had to do is to activate this build and it goes automatically live.


If the application couldn’t pass the build there is full detailed log (StackTrace). It’s easy to understand why your application cannot pass build.

How to deploy changes to AppHarbor after creating a new application?

Well, after I published my application I found that one link is broken. So, I had to do a quick fix and publish it again.

Broken LinkI applied the change in code and did another commit. The problem was that I missed to HTTP protocol at the begging of the link and web browser was leading to non-existing location.

GitHub commitThen the change was ready for deployment at AppHarbor.

Build statusThe result was perfect, the link is working properly and the whole process to apply the change it took less than minute.



How to create your own book with GitBook?

I found out great service for creating and publishing your own books. It’s called GitBook. If you’re book lover and want to write something great without Word or other text editor this is the best option.

There are already plenty of books published via GitBook so you can explore it –

From the programmer’s point of view it’s also great because it uses Git as version control and also there is GitHub integration. You can commit all changes to GitHub repository if you feel comfortable with writing in text editor and committing to GitHub repository.

GitBook uses Markdown syntax so if you write often README files or any other Markdown documents in GitHub you’re ready to start writing in GitBook. In fact, it’s not mandatory to know Markdown syntax if you want to write your book in GitBook because there is nice web editor which provides all necessary features that you need to.

GitBook Editor

If you wonder how much it will cost. There are 3 plans:

Free Best Seller ($14.99 per month) Plus ($4.99 per month)
1 private book and unlimited public books 15 private books, 15 distributed books and unlimited public books 5 private books and unlimited public books

I use the Free plan and it suits best my needs.

GitBook - Create BookGitBook has nice and beautiful web editor which allows you to write your book easily.

If you’re great writer and don’t want to publish your book for free then you can earn money and directly publish your book. Soon authors will be able to publish their books to Amazon Kindle, Google Play Store and iBooks Store.

If you want to distribute your book to eReaders like Kindle you don’t have to worry about that. Your book is ready for eReaders in ePUB, MOBI and PDF.

I haven’t tried any other service for writing and publishing books so this is my first impression for service like this one. I feel good with and see great potential. In my opinion it’s just great.