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How to create your own book with GitBook?

I found out great service for creating and publishing your own books. It’s called GitBook. If you’re book lover and want to write something great without Word or other text editor this is the best option.

There are already plenty of books published via GitBook so you can explore it –

From the programmer’s point of view it’s also great because it uses Git as version control and also there is GitHub integration. You can commit all changes to GitHub repository if you feel comfortable with writing in text editor and committing to GitHub repository.

GitBook uses Markdown syntax so if you write often README files or any other Markdown documents in GitHub you’re ready to start writing in GitBook. In fact, it’s not mandatory to know Markdown syntax if you want to write your book in GitBook because there is nice web editor which provides all necessary features that you need to.

GitBook Editor

If you wonder how much it will cost. There are 3 plans:

Free Best Seller ($14.99 per month) Plus ($4.99 per month)
1 private book and unlimited public books 15 private books, 15 distributed books and unlimited public books 5 private books and unlimited public books

I use the Free plan and it suits best my needs.

GitBook - Create BookGitBook has nice and beautiful web editor which allows you to write your book easily.

If you’re great writer and don’t want to publish your book for free then you can earn money and directly publish your book. Soon authors will be able to publish their books to Amazon Kindle, Google Play Store and iBooks Store.

If you want to distribute your book to eReaders like Kindle you don’t have to worry about that. Your book is ready for eReaders in ePUB, MOBI and PDF.

I haven’t tried any other service for writing and publishing books so this is my first impression for service like this one. I feel good with and see great potential. In my opinion it’s just great.